marjon hoogervorst.

A few shots and spaces I love from the talented Marjon Hoogervorst.


Angel Y. said...

Such amazing shots! I love the kitchen shot. I love amazing photography of inspiring interiors.

Sally said...

Oh my goodness, this is the best interior design I've seen in a long time. <3

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I have 't ordering idea of books before reading your blog post. I also arranged my library on your way. Such a amazing photography of inspiring interiors.

replica watch said...

Amazing and beautiful interior design photo shots. Inspiring but keeping things looking so beautiful in a lived in house is a different matter unfortunately especially with kids!!

Bridal Gowns said...

The rule is: less is more. Therefore, even jewelry and accessories to be rather decent.

Julie Rimmer said...

I love the garland in the first photo. Is it made from eucalyptus leaves? Did you buy or make it. x

Julie Rimmer said...

I also rally like the rug in the last shot. Do you know who manufactures/retails it? Thanks Julie

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These are so nice. Looking so beautiful. This will be so perfect for the printing on cards.

Click Here For More Info said...

Very simple and lovely interior designing in an innovative style and the white colour on the wall give a nice look to the all pictures that you put up on the wall.

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