my new roots.

As I've been trying especially hard to eat healthier this year, I find myself turning to blogs for food inspiration. One of my favorite discoveries is My New Roots. Sarah is starting to make videos (like a mini cooking show!) and I absolutely loved this one above about how to make quinoa, one of my favorite foods.

Do you have any favorite food/recipe sites?

photos and video from Sarah Britton / My New Roots


Jane Flanagan said...

Oh, I love that citrus salad!!

It's not a website, but I just bought Super Natural Everyday by Heidi Swanson and love it. You can find many more of her recipes here:

Jill said...

Wow. I am thrilled for this new-to-me site as well. Thanks for sharing I'm really trying to do the same & I eat vegetarian as well. I second the above comment for anything Heidi Swanson for natural foods.

tanya said...

this is great! quinoa is also one of my favourites but i can never seem to get it just right... hope this will help!

Kelsey Hazlewood said...

I subscribe to which gives you weekly recipes and shopping lists! It's marketed towards moms but I love it!

Also, for some stellar recipes and photography, check out

Devon M said...

yummy citrus salad!

try her recipes are delicious and easy to follow!

Sarah B said...

Hey Angela!

Wow! What an honor! I love, love, love your blog and have been following for some time. Thank you very much for your lovely post on My New Roots - I am totally flattered :)

Some of my fav sites are Making Love in the Kitchen and Green Kitchen Stories :)

All the best to you!
In gratitude,
Sarah B

annie said...

i'm not a fan of such healthy food and i dont think i will ever be.. but i like these plates with the small sketches

Tash said...

Love My New Roots! Great feature and much deserved. I'm a big Roost fan too.

penelope said...

I just came across My New Roots and that video. it's great!

I like food sites that don't take themselves too seriously. Bon Appetempt is a good one for that.

Brandi Walsh said...

They dont post as often as I hope, however I love .

Gabri said...

best food sites so far:


angesinclair said...

I have tons of favorite food blogs, but if you like New Roots you should definitely check out Sprouted Kitchen and 101 Cookbooks. I'm sure you would also LOVE What Katie Ate, because it's a food/photogrpahy blog.

Evie said...

thanks so much for sharing this. i have been enjoying your food posts and feeling inspired so now im off to check out this link too! thanks : )

amany said...

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