For a few years now, we've been dying to go to India with our old design professor & friend Mookesh. Every winter, he travels with a group to study abroad. Even though it's really pricey, we know the experience alone would be worth it.

And since the India craze is showing up everywhere now (including the latest Impeccably Indian from Anthropologie - shown above)... it's time to go!


sarbear said...

that first dress is incredible in real life. when i saw it pulled out of the box i gasped. it's pretty sparkly so i don't think i could pull it off but it's the absolute perfect shape.

viva b. said...

oh India....will go back someday!

Jana said...

aw, india! you guys should definately make the trip over there. totally worth the 3 days of flights/layovers. i wish i would have found something as cute as that blue dress there! :-)