cellophane house.

We are thinking that Kieran Timberlake's prefab cellophane house is just what we need around here. Made entirely of off-the-shelf structural aluminum, delivered to the site and stacked on top of one another. All connections in the house are reversible; they can be removed and the layers unstacked - just incase SeeSaw decides to move.

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Kullman Buildings Corp. said...

Just some information on the manufacturer of the Cellophane House and the Kullman Bathroom Pods in the installation...

Kullman, the leading worldwide provider of offsite constructed permanent steel and concrete multi-story buildings, as well as Kullman Bathroom Pods, has been retained by KieranTimberlake Associates of Philadelphia to build the Cellophane House for the Museum of Modern Artís (MoMA) exhibition Home Delivery: Fabricating the Modern Dwelling.

Made of recyclable materials and equipped with photovoltaic panels for electricity and polypropylene panels for thermal insulation, the Cellophane House will be one of five full-scale prefabricated houses on exhibit in the outdoor space to the west of MoMA's building. Keeping with its moniker, the Cellophane House will be constructed utilizing mostly translucent materials.

Designed to be taken apart as easily as it is constructed, the house ís extruded aluminum frame is bolted together, and glass windows slide into place, eliminating the need for welding.

The project includes the assembly of the 14 sections for the five-story building in the companyís Lebanon, N.J., factory, as well as delivery to the exhibit site. The project also includes two Kullman Bathroom Pods, six-foot by eight-foot bathrooms with an outer shell constructed entirely of glass reinforced plastic (very similar to fiberglass) and connected to a steel frame, designed by Hopkins Architects Ltd. Outfitted with plumbing fixtures by Duravit, the Kullman Bathroom Pods include finished ceilings, wall finishes and light fixtures and are completed in the factory with plumbing, electrical and waste lines ready for plug & play installation once on site. Kullman Bathroom Pods were delivered to the project site, hoisted and set in place along with the house's 14 sections. Kullman Bathroom Pods are used for multi-story living spaces, hotels, hospitals, student and military housing.

The exhibit opens on July 20, 2008 and runs through October 20, 2008.

"Kullman is proud to partner with KieranTimberlake for the building of the Cellophane House," says Avi Telyas, CEO of Kullman. "This exhibit spotlights a movement toward mass customization in architecture, which will bridge the gap between offsite construction and manufacturing industries. Though offsite construction is currently not as prevalent in the United States as it is in Europe, we believe this exhibit will help make the case toward its viability and benefits versus conventionally constructed structures."

About Kullman
Kullman is the leading worldwide provider of offsite constructed permanent steel and concrete multi-story buildings and Kullman Bathroom Pods to a broad range of markets including education, healthcare, telecommunications, hospitality, government, and others. Utilizing Toyota's Lean Manufacturing techniques and Lean Construction project delivery systems, Kullman dramatically minimizes project site disruption, decreases the total project cost, and delivers a complete building in up to half the time of conventional construction.†† For over 80 years, Kullman has worked as a strategic partner with top architects and construction management firms offering design-build services that deliver architecturally robust buildings satisfying the most discerning clients. Headquartered in Lebanon, N.J., Kullman employs more than 190 professionals and craftsmen who perform many of the usually subcontracted trades in-house, thereby reducing project risks and additional transactions costs, while streamlining project delivery. Kullman's executives and project managers bring over 200 years of offsite construction experience to projects and jobsites. For more information on Kullman, call (908) 236-0220 or visit www.kullman.com.