calendar giveaway.

Thanks to those who commented on our calendar giveaway with the worst/funniest gift they've received.

The winners are...

*L: "My great-grandmother always gave me and my brothers bags of White Rain shampoo, control top panty-hose and bananas."

flanthrower: "My mom got me a pair of floral patterned denim bermuda shorts. I am reluctant to admit that at the time these were shorts that I a) wanted and b) even worse, actually wore."

sarah: "i got two crocheted doilies which, while i am a big fan of all things handmade, had a very obvious flaw: amongst the pastel variegated yarn and sewn - hopefully not on purpose - into the pattern were many MANY pieces of long, black course hair."

Thank you for the entertainment and laughs. Email your name and address to angela{at} and we'll send you your free calendar soon!

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sarah said...

yay! thank you so much! i'm so excited to see these up close.

happy holidays!