seesaw calendar giveaway!

As a small way to say THANK YOU to our readers... Here's your chance to win one of our 2009 letterpress calendars.

Leave a comment telling us the worst (or funniest) Christmas gift you've ever received, along with your name & a way to contact you. We'll choose the 3 best stories and send you a free calendar.

You have a few days - so comment before this coming Monday, December 8th, to win.


*L said...

Oh this is easy for me. My great-grandmother always gave me and my brothers bags of White Rain shampoo, control top panty-hose and bananas.The funny thing was she was pretty wealthy and very generous when it came to taking us shopping but had no idea what to get for us on her own.

Jill said...

suh weet.

The only on that is sticking out to me right now is the sea foam green bean bag I received around age 12. I went so over-board faking excitement that my mom bought me a second one to go with it. eek.

Ausrine said...

When I was little I had a slight obsession over puppies and dogs along with the color blue. I had 'cute' light blue shirts with dogs, I had stuffed animal dogs, I had porcelain figurines of dogs... luckily this phase came to an end when I finally got one.
My grandmother from Lithuania kept insisting that I still had an obsession. Year after year she kept sending me things with dogs for christmas. Key chains, salt shakers, etc. Luckily we got her to stop... but now she's sending me pajamas every year. Blue pajamas. Is that considered an upgrade? I'm not sure.

blue moss said...

one year i got straws......i can't explain it, but a package of straws?

Cami Clay said...

Every Single Christmas for my big gift my mother would get me a different Kitchen device. One year it was a waffle maker, the next it was an apple pealer, a frying pan, some mixing bowls...and this all started when I turned 7, no where near marriage age...but I kept thinking, maybe she's trying to prepare me with all the utensils needed when I move out. But here I am married and missing my apple pealer.. I think she just needed a way to buy herself kitchen crap without feeling guilty..

flanthrower said...

One year (sometime in the mid to late 80s I think) my mom got me a pair of floral patterned denim bermuda shorts. I am reluctant to admit taht at the time these were shorts that I a) wanted and b) even worse, actually wore. In hindsight I think while the shorts were not exactly the worst gift I've ever received, they were quite possibly the ugliest. And really I think if my mom had known what was good for me she would've pointed out the error of my ways and refused to buy such ugly clothing for me. =)

Natalie Tomas said...

I think that the worst Christmas present I've ever received was a serving dish that had a hamburger, some pickles,chips, and other food items printed on it. Normally you would think something like that was nice!!! But, I don' know, something about this platter was so horrendous!!!! I ended up giving it to someone else the very next year as a white elephant present!!!

sarah said...

i don't know if this counts, but the worst present that is coming to mind i got at a christmas in july gift exchange this year. i got two crocheted doilies which, while i am a big fan of all things handmade, had a very obvious flaw: amongst the pastel variegated yarn and sewn - hopefully not on purpose - into the pattern were many MANY pieces of long, black course hair.

i don't know what was worse:
- that i was the last person opening my gift so all eyes felt like they were on me?
- or the fact that it wasn't a white elephant gift.
- or that it was only part one of the gift and the second half was a crushed velvet jumper dress, size 18. yowza.
- and they were smelly.

Diana said...

I was about nine yrs old and my sister only a year younger.
She got a cool Barbie from our favorite aunt and I got a boring clothing item.

I cried in front of everyone after opening my gift. =D

[I guess it could have been worse.]