klaus haus.

I was a bit confused at first flipping through my January issue of W, but after reading the article and sitting on the idea of extreme minimalism — I realized that I really do appreciate this kind of emptiness. It especially makes sense for Klaus Biesenbach, the MOMA Chief Curator of Media. I can totally picture him perched up on his balcony overlooking Manhattan.

Images conceived by Andrea Zittel & photographed by Dean Kaufman.
Feeling a trip to goodwill coming on.


Lauren K said...

I can appreciate minimalism too, in the since that I look at blank walls and counter space and think,
"oh what fun I could have...so much potential!" It's like a blank canvas :)

hmstrjam said...

yes less is more but it doesn't always have to be a white box!

Ben said...

warhol thought a room looked best when it was empty.