uppercase magazine.

Very happy about this announcement that Uppercase has a new quarterly magazine. (Especially after the super sad news that Domino is folding. Not fair.)

(thank you, Jill)


pigeon.toed said...

yes! i am kind of in love with the paper headdresses!

i would probably get funny looks in the office if i came in wearing one, right? :)

Janine said...

Thanks for posting about our magazine!

It is bittersweet today - I have every issue of domino lovingly archived and I am sad that they've shut it down.

But it doesn't temper my enthusiasm for having starting UPPERCASE magazine! Independent and small is the way to go these days.

Thanks for your support!

A Day That Is Dessert said...

I'll have to check out Uppercase. Very sad about Domino...

Jill said...

no problem, i'm curious about it!

r.i.p. domino
i'm starting to wonder if the world of print magazines is over. so sad.