andrew bird.

Last weekend my husband and I drove down to Tucson to see Andrew Bird play. We saw him once in New York City a couple years ago too. I've seen quite a few bands live, and he puts on the most beautiful show by far. I can't explain how impressive it is to see his incredible whistling and violin skills, but you can get a little idea from some of the videos on YouTube.

And I like these photographs of him by Cameron Wittig.


Kiki said...

WOW! Thank you for that! I am always looking for great new music. I just watched the youtube link you posted and now I can't wait to go out and get his album.

chelsea said...

Tried to buy tix for his Portland show and they were sold out:( So sad! Seeing that top photo makes me like him even more:)

abby said...

i agree. lucky you to see him live.

you've got to listen to this.