alexander girard.

I was familiar with Girard's wooden dolls and have always just loved them. I was unaware of how many other projects he was involved with though. Including textile collaborations with Ray & Charles Eames and George Nelson. As well as furniture design and even typography. In fact house industries just released a Girard font - so fun. How inspiring are these multi-talented geniuses?
via verlee.


orange sugar home said...

fabulous blog!! just my style. look forward to following your posts!! thanks for visiting OSH.

evie s. said...

Wow, amazing work! Caught my eye right away.

Fine Life Folk said...

The woodworks are influenced by South American art. The color and pattern interpretations are rich and yet not outdated. If I had some of those they'll definitely be top conversation pieces.

Anna Caroline said...

Hey guys!

This is so nice. The colors are lovely. Bright, but not overwhelming.

Isn't so great when you have been following a designer or artist and then found out that they have done some great collaborations that you didn't have a clue of :D I love mystery:P

/Anna Caroline
Design Studio 210

Meade Design Group said...

I am a big fan of Girard's work - nice to see some other pieces of his.