proenza schouler.

I would have majored in fashion design but when I finally decided to stop fighting my creativity and stomped across campus to the College of Design, fashion was simply not an option. I am extremely grateful for the intense theory based education I did receive as a graphic designer and plan on someday using my skills to seesaw sew. Anyways, I love fashion - Jack and Lazaro you are truly talented.

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size too small said...

ooooh seesaw sew sounds exciting!

agnes szucs said...

haha! i wanted to be a fashion designer, too! :) (For years I lived from designing and making bridal and evening gowns.) And now it seems I'm a graphic designer. :) or something like that. But I think these are "all the same", it's just applying your creativity to another field. Good luck with that field of creativity!
it's a very nice blog you got here. hope you come and visit mine. :)