emma cook.

Resort 2012.
Happy weekend.

cambridge satchel.

The nude satchel is a more practical solution but something in me is leaning towards the fluorescent orange. Have a little one? Peep the backpack version.

all in a row.

Try as I might, I can't kick my love of stripes.

via Harper's Bazaar, shot by Richard Burbridge, styled & directed by Clare Richardson

by a thread.

Bright, wooden beads by Kristina Klarin.

piazza sempione.

s/s 2o11.

ben werkt.

Ben Helder pendant lamp - based on the golden ratio.
Photographed by Aad Hoogendoorn.
Thanks Design Milk.

building block.

Simple shapes and fun colorful styling in the leather goods from Building Block.

discovered via my love for you

rachel rose.

Hand-painted silk tees by Rachel Rose. They're like a much more sophisticated version of tie-dye.


Simple, bold color by Jen Ramos.

do what you love.

A bit on shift in creative direction, from Amanda Love of Love Leaf Press.

Her home is beautiful, too.

seesaw: day trip to arcosanti.

This week, SeeSaw took a day trip to Arcosanti for some creative inspiration. It's an experimental town in the Arizona desert, built to embody Paolo Soleri's concept of arcology - the fusion of architecture with ecology.

We all agreed it was pretty amazing and beautiful. It would be a neat experience to live/work there for a few weeks (they offer various workshops) or even just stay overnight.

antoni berardi.

Not sure my curvy 5'2" frame could handle these looks - maybe if I was on stilts. None-the-less I am in love.


pen type-a.

Protect and cherish your awesome Hi-Tec-C ink cartridge with this stainless steel case and help kickstart this amazing project - we did!

creative flats.

If you're planning a trip to Montreal, Creative Flats is a great source for unique and beautiful apartments available to stay in. But until then, let's just admire the beautiful spaces and wish there was a website like this for every city.

discovered via Decor8

herb & dorothy vogel.

This might be old news to some, but here's a suggestion for your weekend: watch Herb & Dorothy on Netflix instant play. This couple built a really prolific modern art collection (crammed into a NYC apartment) by living on one salary and spending the other on art.

joanna fowles.

Feeling super inspired by printed textile designer Joanna Fowles, a recent graduate from Chelsea College of Art & Design. Some serious talent and gorgeous work.

antique brass.

These rooms designed by Gregory Mellor, seen on Two Ellie, are convincing me to stick with brass lighting and hardware throughout my house.

In need of great vintage lighting sources that won't cost thousands... any recommendations?

the nolitan.

Work for The Nolitan, by Marque. Just the right mix of matchy-matchy & eclectic.

in the wild.

Loving how the natural texture comes through in Cassandra Smith's hand-painted antlers.

happy lovers town.

My design crushes come in all shapes and sizes.


Good stuff for the boys in your life, big & small: Hickoree's Hard Goods.

peyote poem.

Lovely work from National Forest for Sixpack France.