local museum.

If your downtown this weekend stop by The historic Phoenix Seed & Feed Capitol Warehouse for a truly awesome graphic design exhibit featuring AIGA 365, Creativity 40, Design For Good, and the Ken White collection.

hours: October 8th through November 11th, Tuesday through Sunday between 10a and 7p.


Anonymous said...

Hi I like your work in this blog.

Im a indie jewelry designer and today inaugurate my webshop,invite you see the collection.
hope you like it



Anonymous said...

This is great news! I'm originally from Phoenix (living east coast now) and will be visiting while this is going on! Thank You so much for sharing this!

Jennifer Young said...

ahh so sweet. wish i could have been there. do you know what font was used for "phoenix design" and "museum"? love it!

Kaylee said...

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