jackson, johnston & roe.

I am in love with this line and I adore the story behind it. Childhood friends Sara, Teo and Riley took their mothers' maiden names for their design endeavor. With different backgrounds (art, theatre, and painting) the girls combine their vision seamlessly. So sweet - al pal?

I forgot which blog I was reading when I came across this so lovely readers if you know please let's credit them.


lindsay. said...

I for one first saw this line while reading a post from pia jane bijkerk, and then promptly gushed about them on my own blog. Love, love, love. Hope this helps!



Jane Flanagan said...

Such a stunning line. I love the top image particularly!

chelsea said...

wow. perfection.

Anonymous said...

Yes rat, that is a cute line. Ours could be cuter!!! Burning you some cds. Loving your blog.