wishing for marfa.

I have an unrealized dream of spending a week in Marfa, TX -- appreciating Donald Judd's collection, taking photos, and just doing nothing.

We met with a client this morning about branding some prefab housing, and he brought samples of the printed materials from the Thunderbird Hotel in Marfa. Now I know where I'll be staying when I finally do visit.

top & bottom photo from Thunderbird/ middle photo from flickr


Kate McNeil said...

You'll love this post on Marfa


Uncle Beefy said...

I am DYIN' to see Marfa! I am just so drawn to the idea of people completely making over some "nowhere" town. This just adds to the dream!

manuel said...

angela- here is a link to my post from my 3rd trip in March http://manuelnavarrodesign.blogspot.com/2009/03/marfa-tx-2009.html
...keeps getting better and better! We stayed at thunderbird the first time but we have been renting a small adobe casita the past two times. Enjoy!

paula said...

I have been hearing so much about Marfa lately. I may need to visit one day and I too will stay here.

melanie mauer said...

it's so funny you should bring this up, this is where i'm staying this summer for a week with a group of wonderful women photographers! small world!

warmly, -melanie-